Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Surviving cancer take a huge physical and emotional toll. Alongside the physical work that goes into the fight, someone with cancer has to deal with his or her mortality and that of others with cancer around them.

When you undergo cancer treatment, you meet others in the same situation. Some survive, some don’t. Knowing that someone you’ve met and with whom you’ve developed a relationship is losing the very fight you’re battling can’t be easy to accept.

I’m choosing to focus on the survivors because the dreaded cancer has taken yet another soul. My husband’s friend of many years lost his wife to cancer earlier this week. I only met her a few times before they moved to another part of the country, but I remember her as being the perfect person for this friend. We were so pleased that he found someone and we wished them nothing but the best of luck and lots of happiness in their lives together. They did get the happiness for a while and for that we’re grateful.

To those who win the cancer fight – congratulations. I hope you stay healthy and enjoy your life. You deserve it.

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