Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We're Part of the 2012 Blogathon!

Keeping up a blog can be tough when life gets busy. I often have great ideas to put on this blog but then I get side tracked and I figure I'll come back and do it later. Unfortunately, "later" will become "never" much of the time.

The thing is - this is a popular blog even though it's not updated regularly. I check my stats and I get a good number of visitors every single day. This blog has raised my profile as a health writer and not only have clients found me through the blog, I have helped many people with some of the information I've posted.

So, because I know my poor blog has been neglected and I keep saying I'll be better at posting, I have decided to join the 2012 Blogathon. I committed to writing a blog post a day from today until May 31st. Hopefully, the topics I choose will be interesting and entertaining and my poor blog will no longer feel left out of my writing life.

Many of my regular readers know that I am particularly passionate about a few specific healthcare topics. One is sepsis, a disease that kills over 700 people PER DAY in the United States. Yes, per day. Sepsis Alliance is one of my clients. Yesterday was the 10-year anniversary of the death of the founder's daughter. Erin Flatley was only 23 years old - the age of my daughter now. Erin went in to the hospital for minor elective surgery. She died of sepsis five days later.

There are even higher numbers of people who get sepsis and live - but are left with severe life-altering after effects, such as limb amputations, organ dysfunction, post traumatic stress disorder, and more.

In 2011, we instituted Sepsis Awareness Month, to be held every September. This year, the Global Sepsis Alliance has declared September 13th to be World Sepsis Day. This is a huge opportunity to help raise more awareness of this horrible illness. If you would like to watch a video on the impact of sepsis, Sepsis: Emergency is quite powerful.

Want to learn more? Dr. James O'Brien was interviewed on BlogTalkRadio. Listen to how he describes what sepsis is, what can happen with it, and how it could be treated:

Listen to internet radio with Boomer and The Babe on Blog Talk Radio

Now, is there anything in particular you would like me to talk about? Are there any health topics that are concerning you? There is so much in the news these days from issues about autism to childhood obesity.


Carrie Anne Schmeck said...

And we are off! Blogathon 2012 or bust!

Carrie Anne Schmeck said...

And we're off. Blogathon 2012 or Bust!

Jennifer Fink said...

So glad to see that you're participating in the blogathon as well! A good friend of mine just told me a sepsis story -- he was hunting last week and saw a guy with a wrapped up hand at the bar. Turned out he'd sustained what he thought was a very minor injury to his thumb, developed sepsis and almost died.

Re blog topics: Given your Canadian background, I'd love to hear your thoughts about healthcare, healthcare access and insurance.

Unknown said...

I second Jennifer on the blog topic front. And look at you, putting your lovely picture up on the blog already. Love it. So glad we met in person last week! And I'm especially glad to see you're in the Blogathon, where we all can get to know each other even better. Fun times ahead!