Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Most popular blog page here - broken hips and elderly

When you write for a blog or maintain your own blog, you never know which posts will garner the most attention - good or bad. For this blog, the most popular, by far, is a post I put up on July 26, 2007 - that's over four years ago. It still gets several visits per week from new people who find it through Google or other search engines.

According to the blogger stats, Broken hips in the elderly can lead to death has been viewed 1,274 times. The next closest comes in at only 504 times, written earlier this year, Another Medication Recall - Is Anything Safe?

The visitors come from all over the world. So far this month, there have been:

  • 2219 visitors from the United States
  • 191 from the United Kingdom
  • 147 from Canada
  • 55 from Macedonia
  • 54 from the Netherlands (I wonder if some of their searches were for "Marijke")
  • 41 from Luxembourg
  • 41 from Russia
  • 38 from Australia
  • 36 from Switzerland
  • 36 from India

Sometimes I'm referred from individual blogs, but when I go back to see how I'm linked, I can't find it. Or, other times, I see that the blog or website has copied my information word for word. That is a big, BIG no-no. Whatever I write here is mine for you to read and that's it. No-one is allowed to just republish it on their site. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that yet.

I get a lot of emails too, but what I would like are COMMENTS. Yup, just a comment or two a day would make me feel like there's really someone out there. :-)

Ok, have a great day everyone! And if it's not a great day, I really hope things do get better for you.

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