Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ok me out here please

When I first began this blog, I posted every day, at least five days a week, sometimes on the weekend. I did that for more than a year. Then, a few weeks ago, my blog was flagged by blogger as spam and I was unable to post for a few days.

Now, I just can't get back into it. Rather than starting my day with something fresh and run to write, a few days go by when I realize I haven't posted. I'm not sure why the spam issue triggered this, but it did. So, do I continue? Part of me would like to. I know I have regular readers - but I'm just not into it any more. Maybe I just need a break? Who knows. All I know is that everything was fine until I was accused of spam. Now I don't know.

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News for Today:

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Old Wife said...

Gosh, don't let one person get you down! I read your blog every day (well, every day you post) and really enjoy it.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Funny that a Blogger screw-up would lead to a blogging crisis--as I understand it, the spam issue had nothing to do with the content of the blogs and was just a random technical glitch.

But I totally get it. I think about quitting my blog all the time, but since I only have one I just can't bring myself to quit the blogging world all together. But all I need is an unexpected drop in traffic and I'm tempted to bail.

Maybe you just need a break?

Anonymous said...
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