Thursday, April 10, 2008

10 great sites, health-related and, well, not health related

It's list day. Here are 10 sites that I like to visit for health information or fun. If you haven't visited them, it's worth your while.

1 - Cranky Fitness is a fun look at health issues. Crabby McSlacker, the lunatic genius behind this blog pokes fun but also provides some interesting information. (sshhhh, I don't think Crabby is really her name....)

2 - Emergiblog is for nurses, but I think it puts a good face on the human-ness (is that a word?) on nurses and can be fun for others to read too.

3- Healthbolt is a sister/cousin/relative from the b5Media network. Not quite as irreverent as Crabby's blog, there is a lot of fun stuff. And don't forget the Sexbolt Saturday stuff (or is it Sunday?).

4- When I'm doing my daily news searches for this blog, Sprigley, and Help My Hurt, I go to this site to see what's new: Medworm.

5- Another good place for the most recent press releases is EurekAlert.

6 -Another b5Media blog I like (I like most of them but I can't list them all) is Lively Women. Great information for all.

7 - MedlinePlus can be a good source, but it is sometimes a day or two behind. Still, it's worth a look to see if I've missed anything.

8 - For non-health stuff, I visit Giveaway of the Day every day. They give away, for 24 hours, free software (legally) and it's worth a quick peek. I'd say about 99% of the time, they don't have anything I need or want, but every once in a while, there's a great little program that is very helpful and appreciated.

9 - Again on the fun front, I like to visit because of my love for greyhounds. Great place to learn about them if you're thinking of adopting one of these beautiful dogs.

10 - And finally, number 10 - one of my favourite places on the web: a fun site called Regret the Error - Mistakes Happen. It's edited by a Canadian writer who finds the funniest and oddest errors in journalism today.

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