Friday, February 29, 2008

Not feeling chatty today

I woke up with a migraine - there are few pains as intense as a migraine. Mine feel like there's a knife in the back of my left eye.

Migraines are so intense and affect lives of so many people, you'd figure that there would be more research and more treatments that really work for the severe ones. I've had people suggest to me that I take a few extra-strength over-the-counter meds because they work for them. Lord, if OTC meds worked for my migraines, I wouldn't have a thing to complain about.

Do you have migraines? How do you cope?

News for Today:
Nfld. researchers find gene behind sudden and deadly heart condition
Certain vitamin supplements may increase lung cancer risk, especially in smokers
Hormone replacement therapy appears to have no effect on risk and severity of rheumatoid arthritis
Suicide rates among young Scottish men fall by over 40 percent
Kidney transplant survival rates in kids on rise: report
U.S. issues reminder to avoid soft bedding in baby cribs


Joanne Mason said...

I hope you're feeling better!

I, too, suffer from migraines. For me, they're triggered by glare (such as from fluorescent light bulbs or the sun on snow or water), dehydration, stress, needing to eat, being overtired. I try very hard to avoid the triggers, but once the headaches hit, I'm down for the count.

My salvation has been medication called Zomig, which can knock the headache out in a half hour if I take it early enough. It does make me somewhat tired, but I'll take that over the migraine any day.

If I don't catch it in time, I have to stay in a dark room with one of those microwaveable beanbag hot/cold pack on my forehead and over my eyes. I use heat and it's very soothing. Another person I know who gets migraines even worse than I do swears by cold packs on her forehead...she also recommends lying on one's stomach and putting the cold pack on the back of the neck.

Dawn said...

I don't get them and I thank my lucky stars for that. Sneak on back to bed - I won't tell! Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Onehealthpro said...

I've only had one and it was memorable. You have my sympathy, but I'm sorry I have no solution to offer.

MizFit said...


love your blog SO INFORMATION FILLED (MizFit hangs her own blogging head in shame realizing her is filled with snark :))