Friday, February 1, 2008

Lots of interesting news today from different areas of medicine

Lots of interesting news today from different areas of medicine.

I’ve never considered children having thyroid cancer – but it’s definitely a possibility. This is the article that drew my attention to the issue: Early detection critical in treating pediatric thyroid cancer.

Of course, one of my favourite topics was addressed too: Journal Sleep: Study concludes a daytime nap can benefit a person's memory performance . I love it when I read those types of articles.

Sleep is a very interesting topic because too much or too little has such a profound effect on us. These were interesting: Journal Sleep: Respiratory disturbances during sleep increase significantly with age and Journal Sleep: Chronic insomnia can predict future functioning of adolescents.

As someone who experiences a profound, intense itch behind one shoulder, this story caught my eye: Research suggests why scratching is so relieving.

And, as a lot of research is done to help the medical community understand differences between different cultural and ethnic groups, their management in health care, and their reactions and thoughts regarding health care. Here are two articles: Blacks twice as susceptible and more likely to die of severe sepsis than whites and African Americans Less Likely To Choose Epidurals For Post Operative Pain Relief.

Finally, this one was very interesting for me because of my own past: Abuse history affects pain regulation in women with irritable bowel syndrome.

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