Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Laptop not cooperative today - update below - it's alive!

Well, my not-even-1-year-old laptop has decided to either go on strike or it's sick. We haven't figured it out yet.

The CPU is running at 100% even with as many background programs shut down as is possible. I defragged, cleaned, scanned for both viruses and spyware, and did everything short of standing on my head - something I have never been able to do (nor could I ever do a cartwheel, but I digress).

However, not all is lost - I have my files backed up through Carbonite and have switched to my desktop. Unfortunately, this desktop has issues of its own! I will have to see if I can bring the laptop to some magic computer guru, or the Geek Squad if we have one here in Montreal. I think we do.

Anyway, later today or tomorrow, I'll resume my regular blog stuff. Because I spent most of the day yesterday trying to coax my laptop into behaving, I got very little real work done. So, here's to hoping to a very productive work day.


ok, it's 8:12 a.m. and I have been at it for a while now. I'm very pleased to announce that my stubborn streak has won and my computer is now all better. :-)
For those of you who may ever encounter the same problem, and I have read it isn't uncommon, this is what happened and what I did.

As I said, yesterday the laptop started running at 100% even though I'd shut down all possible programs. Without any obvious one running and as many background ones running, I still couldn't find out the problem. I did alt+ctr+delete again and checked the background programs and finally found one called spoolsv.exe that was running at *99*. There was the problem.
I did a search on the Web and found that others who had the same problem had a microsoft printer on their computer and that there were stuck spooled printing jobs on them. Sure enough, I checked my printers and found two huge printing jobs stuck there. This was odd because I've never used that printer and I didn't send anything knowingly to that printer. Anyway, I deleted it and now my computer is acting fine.

Whew. Now, to make up for all that lost time.


Dawn said...

Handy tip to know about.

Marijke Durning said...

Thanks Dawn,

Hopefully you won't ever need it.