Monday, July 2, 2007

The Health Writer's Handbook, by Barbara Gastel

I’m an avid reader but I’m very picky about the type of books I read. I rarely read non-fiction books, because I wanted to be transported away from my real world when I read a book. Now, I see the value in many non-fiction books and I can enjoy them in a different way.

Now, I’m reading the Health Writer's Handbook, by Barbara Gastel. What a great book! I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve been working in medical writing and editing for about 10 years now, but I know there is always something to learn. In fact, I took a medical writing class this past term, at Concordia University, to see what else I could learn. One of the teachers recommended Gastel’s book and it’s really, really good. She writes in a very fluid way, as if she’s sitting in front of you, telling you what to do. I think that as experienced as one might be, this book is worth having a look.

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Madeline Hill said...
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Marijke Durning said...

Hi Madeline and welcome to my blog.

I don't have any sources that I subscribe to but I have sites that I usually visit at least daily to see what is going on. is one of my favourites, although that could be because I write for them. :-)
PRNewswire is a great source as well. I used to work for the Doctor's Guide to the Internet, so I go there if I know there are any big conferences going on. There's often some good information there. I also do a quick search on google, and I like to stay Canadian so I check the CBC's website as well.

Where have I been published? It's probably easier to send me to my site and you can have a look there. It's

Good luck!